The chairman of Bayble Boat Owners and Pier Users Association has admitted he is ‘baffled’ as to why anyone would want to destroy a timber ramp leading to moorings at Bayble pier. 

Alex John Murray said that the community project – which allows for 15 boats to be moored at the pier – took five years to see through to completion, at a cost of over £200,000.

Sometime between 9.30pm on Wednesday and 7.30am on Thursday, eight sections of a timber ramp leading to the moorings were cut, possibly with a chainsaw.

The wood was left to float below in the water.

“There was some opposition to the project, but I don’t think the people who opposed it would approve of what was done here,” said Mr Murray.

“We are baffled. No-one benefits.”

Mr Murray said that two years ago, a boat outboard had been stolen from the pier. 

“You can sort of understand why someone would want to do that, to sell it on or whatever,” he said.

“What happened this week was just blatantly ripping something up and letting it slip into the water.”

Mr Murray added that already, the vandalism had had an effect on people within the Association.

“Some people have said to me that they will not now risk leaving their boat moored there anymore," he said.

“I think that’s very sad.”

Police in Stornoway say they are currently investigating the incident, and ask that anyone who has any information contact them on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800555111.