The Chair of Sustainable Development on Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has repeated a call for a ten year moratorium on environmental designations in the Western Isles and fully supports the call by the WIFA for an urgent meeting with the Minister at which the Comhairle should also be present.

Cllr Alasdair Macleod said: “It is disappointing that the Minister has rejected our call for a ten year moratorium on designations in the Western Isles, against the wishes of the Comhairle, the fishermen and the communities of the Western Isles. 

"Following on from announcements last week, it seems that the Scottish Government is determined to press ahead with further marine designations which will seriously damage the fishing industry and the  wider economy of the Western Isles. The Scottish Government has totally ignored the sensible management measures suggested at recent local meetings with Marine Scotland by representatives from all sectors of the fishing industry."

Cllr Macleod added: "I would urgently call on the Minister to urgently reconsider these moves and back, rather than attack, the fishing industry."