Jamie McGrigor, Highlands & Islands MSP and the Scottish Conservative Fisheries Spokesman, is urging constituents in his region, including anglers and those involved in managing wild fisheries, to respond to the Scottish Government’s current consultation on reform of wild fisheries.

The Scottish Government is seeking comments on its response to the Wild Fisheries Review chaired by Andrew Thin.

Jamie said: “Scotland has a well-deserved reputation for world-class salmon and sea trout fishing and I believe strongly that the Scottish Government should be doing all it can to support this industry.  Our wild fisheries sector is of huge economic importance to my region and sustains many jobs in some of our more remote and rural communities.

“A new national unit would be useful if it concentrated on the external problems facing migratory fish and championed freshwater angling from the fishermen’s perspective.

“ Having said that, after having been involved with salmon fisheries for a great many years, it is obvious to me that local management and local knowledge is key to particular Scottish rivers and it is in those areas that power to direct operations should remain. A one-size fits all regulation system would not be appropriate and flexibility is required to recognise the different local expertise and arrangements on rivers.

“ I encourage all those with an interest in angling or involved in river management to respond to the consultation before it closes on 7th August. It is vital that those with practical knowledge and experience have their say as the Scottish Government prepares to consult on a new Wild Fisheries Bill before the end of this Parliamentary session.”