With all the planning that has gone in to co-ordinating the Red Arrows Display taking place over Stornoway Harbour on Monday (29th June) the Stornoway Port Authority eagerly awaits the nine jets arrival.

A spokesperson said: "We hope everyone enjoys the event and would appreciate everyone’s cooperation in making it a good day for all."


To promote its 150 year anniversary Stornoway Port Authority is delighted to be bringing the best aerobatic display team in the world - the Red Arrows - to Stornoway on Monday 29th June. They are to perform their precision aerobatics display over Stornoway Harbour starting at 5.00pm and finishing at 5.30pm, a change from the original location of Stornoway Airport.

With the main viewing now being at the ferry marshalling area, beside the ferry terminal, more spectators can be assembled to witness the meticulously planned series of aerobatics overhead with a running commentary being provided by the Red Arrow’s Squadron Leader Mike Ling.

Access to the free event can be gained through the main vehicular gate for the ferry terminal and the gate behind the bus station. With the anticipated traffic congestion in the town centre, The Nicolson Institute and Council carparks on Sandwick Road are available for parking.

There will be an area set aside for disabled parking in the ferry marshalling area, anyone who requires a permit must contact Stornoway Port Authority, Amity House, Esplanade Quay or telephone 01851 702688 office by Friday 26th June at 5pm to obtain a parking permit.

Access to parts of the Castle Grounds and Arnish Road will be restricted - the Red Arrows have stated that a crowd must not be gathered anywhere else and therefore the Arnish Road and the Low Road after the Woodlands Centre in the Castle Grounds will be temporarily closed.

All vehicles must be moved from the Drop Off point at the Ferry Terminal by Friday 26th June. The vehicular gates at the Ferry Terminal will be closed for traffic at 2pm and reopened at 7pm.

It is a standing only outdoor event - people are reminded to check the weather and dress accordingly. Stornoway Port Authority hope that everyone enjoys this event and would appreciate everyone’s co-operation in making it a good day for all.