Modelling the LNF 10K T-shirts, Lorna Norgrove (right) with event organisers Rhona, Tony, and Kirsty. Photo: Linda Norgrove Foundation

It may take place around the Valtos Peninsula in Uig, Lewis, but the annual Linda Norgrove Foundation 10K is a global event, with runners taking part around the world.
And it looks set to be the same again this year when the 2017 Linda Norgrove Foundation 10K runs on Saturday, September 30th.
“The main event will be on the Isle of Lewis on the Bhaltos Peninsula, Uig,” said Lorna Norgrove. “We will set off from Reef Beach at 12 noon and there will be food to revive you at the end – or midway if you need an energy boost!

“If, however, you are away on holiday, working off island, or living in another part of the world, we would love it if you ran, walked, cycled, whatever takes your fancy and whatever distance you can do, wherever you are.”
Lorna added: “We’re looking forward to seeing ‘old’ and ‘new’ faces, and all ages and abilities welcome.”
Established by Lorna and John Norgrove following the death of their aid-worker daughter Linda, the Linda Norgrove Foundation (LNF) helps fund education, health and childcare projects for women and children affected by the war in Afghanistan.
And in the first five months of 2017, the Foundation has delivered a total of £71,025 in financial support to a number of varied projects across Afghanistan.
The Bamyan Beekeeping Co-operative received £4,059 to help provide business training and the cost of new hives to enable the continued success and growth of the small, women-run business; and further aiding improvements to small rural companies in the country, the Foundation delivered £7,070 to charity Serve Afghanistan.
A £5,600 LNF grant to Christian Aid assisted another 80 Afghan women to generate income from silk worm rearing, spinning and silk weaving; and nearly £10,000 (£9,864) to support livelihood projects for women in the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan.
As well as encouraging Afghan women into work, the Linda Norgrove Foundation also supports many health projects for women and children, as well as ensuring education needs and opportunities are met and expanded.
In the first months of this year, the Foundation helped provide much needed small libraries in rural girls’ schools through a £2,213 grant to charity Womanity; and has supported the scholarship fees (£6,107) for nine Afghan young women, currently training to become doctors.
Caring for the younger Afghans in need, LNF provided a further six months funding (£8,186) for SCAWNO, an Afghan run children’s centre Kabul; and a £2,508 grant supplied bedding and basics for three kindergartens in Kunduz City whose supplies were destroyed or stolen when Taliban over-ran the city last year.
Aiding better health and hygiene for the country’s poorest, the Linda Norgrove Foundation granted £8,437 to pay for travel and accommodation costs, as well as life-changing surgeries for 10 poor children in the French hospital La Chaine de I’Espoir in Kabul.
Funding of £5,678 was delivered to Global Partners to aid in a project raising awareness of the importance of clean water hygiene and sanitation in ten villages in the Wakhan Corridor.
And a grant of £11,303 to charity Healthprom has helped the excavation from solid rock of two final drinking water tanks in the Qaraghage area of Balkh Province, meaning there are now ten tanks in place providing safe drinking water to many remote villages and reducing infant mortality rates.
Many islanders and individuals around the world undertake challenges and fundraising events to ensure the continued work of the Linda Norgrove Foundation.
The LNF annual 10K is a popular fundraiser and all profits from the event go towards the projects, surgeries, and educations of women and children in Afghanistan.
Entry to the Linda Norgrove Foundation 10K is £10 – and you can also add to the charity’s pot with the eye-catching 10K t-shirts in bright orange, with black logo, which will be available on the day, Saturday, September 30th.
You can register for the 10K and order t-shirts, online at
And keep an eye out for updates on the Linda Norgrove Foundation Facebook page at