The Highers Academy course offers the opportunity to carry on with school subjects to Higher level, but in a new environment.

Ellie MacIver explains: "I started on the Highers Academy course in September 2018.  I was not enjoying school, but I did not want to leave without getting some Highers. 

"I then found out about the Highers Academy course, and it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for – the opportunity to carry on with subjects to Higher level, but in a new environment. 

"Coming to college has been great for me – it has made me realise that I want to continue with my education.  I have always been interested in working with children, so I have now applied to enrol on a nursing degree, which specialises in paediatric nursing.

"I have not regretted my decision to leave school and come to Lews Castle College to do my Highers.  The lecturers are approachable and friendly.  They treat you like an adult and are willing to support you as much as possible to help you achieve your qualifications. 

"I have enjoyed my experience here, and would recommend Highers Academy to anyone who wants to add some Highers to their CV."

Angela Weir, Highers Academy Programme Leader says: ‘Highers Academy gives students the opportunity to gain Higher qualifications, while studying in a further education setting.

"The Highers offered include English, Maths, Psychology, Gaelic, Modern Studies, Care, Child Development and Business Management.   

"The qualifications gained can make it possible for students to continue into other Further Education courses or, as in Ellie’s case, into Higher Education.  Highers Academy can also be a springboard into employment.’

For further details, please contact:

Angela Weir

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Tel:     01851 770457