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From the initial sketches to a fully rendered fashion design board, the art of fashion illustration plays a major part in the design process whilst technical drawings assist in the production of garment patterns.

This year’s students have developed skills in using different mixed media techniques; applying them to represent simulated textile textures and patterns whilst understanding the application of colour balance and it’s use within their own designs.

A strong emphasis is placed on developing free hand drawing skills, sketch book development and the ability to communicate how a garment is constructed. Students study and learn to capture how different textiles behave and in doing so develop the skill set for envisioning their designs and communicating them to an industry standard.

  • Higher National Certificate (HNC) Business

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  • Higher National Diploma (HND) Business


Looking to develop your understanding of how businesses operate, and prepare yourself for a career in the world of business?

Studying for a Higher National Certificate or Diploma in Business is the ideal launching pad.

You will learn about

  • management
  • marketing
  • economics
  • accounting

and a wide range of key aspects of business.

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With 21 years’ experience of distributing online-based distance education, this course is one of the longest established in the UK online sector and is delivered by a teaching team with many years of experience of online learning and teaching.

In terms of context, the world is currently facing the prospect of a climate emergency, with decision-makers grappling with how to understand and respond to the pressures on our environment and society.