Lews Castle College UHI are offering a range of free modules aimed at upskilling individuals and the workforce and for regional economic recovery starting from January 2021.

They are free of charge and delivered online.

These courses cover a range of subjects including Digital Skills, Social Care, Marketing, Management Skills and more.

If you are looking to develop your skills or change your career this could be the perfect opportunity for you to get free training.

We also have our Student Services team who can support you if you are new to or returning to education.

For the full list of free courses please visit - https://bit.ly/3oZuYZB

Demand for the latest skills in digital teaching is increasing as lockdown returns and educators are turning to Lews Castle College UHI, one of the smallest colleges in Scotland, and part of the University of the Highlands and Islands, which has over 25 years’ experience of delivering and designing online teaching. 

Its first fully online degree started in 1993 with the first graduates emerging in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Rural Development Studies.

In 2016, Lews Castle College started up an online postgraduate programme in digital pedagogy (the teaching of education).

According to course leader, Dr Gareth Davies there is a misconception that digital learning is merely a reproduction of what happens in a physical classroom.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," he continues. "Classroom and digital learning are very different disciplines. Digital pedagogy requires new and different skills. A digital teacher needs to think very carefully about what they do and how they deliver guidance to students so that they can then go off and read all about the topic."

He says: "The way we deliver education, like everything in society, has been changed by this pandemic and we are never going to go back to how it was before in education. That includes schools and universities.

"Education hasn't just taken a leap forward, it has been pushed forward. Everyone who is based out of Lews College Castle UHI have vast amounts of experience when it comes to teaching students online all over the world on our courses.

The university and others have developed multiple online programmes. Innovation and development has continued apace but COVID-19 has forced a rapid acceleration of the pace of that change. Throughout the world, schools, colleges, and universities have moved from face-to-face delivery of programmes to online delivery in a matter of a few short months.

Dr Davies adds: "Effective teaching also requires teaching expertise, and this is different in the digital learning space. Making the change from face-to-face to online or digitally based learning requires careful thought and planning."

One of the earliest exponents of technology to assist learning was Frank Rennie, Professor of Sustainable Rural Development at Lews Castle UHI. Professor Rennie started teaching at the University of the Highlands and Islands in 1993 and delivered his first online lecture in 1995.

Although it was early days in terms of the world wide web, a slow and steady shift towards using technology in education had already taken root across the Western Isles.

He explains: "In the early 1980s, a dial-up computer conferencing system called Rurtel, developed by the University of Guelph Ontario, Canada and used in agricultural education by farmers across the Great Prairies, was used across the Isles.

"Despite the speed being so slow, that users could see letters appearing individually on the computer screen when someone was online, almost immediately, it gained traction across the Western Isles. Those working in education and rural development, which included myself at that time, were among the first to pick up on it."

Over the last 25 years, Professor Rennie and his colleagues across the university partnership have developed a wealth of expertise in distributed learning, with students on courses from all over the world across many time zones.

"The reach of the Lews Castle College is phenomenal and time zones are not a problem for us. We can customise for individual students, many of whom are working and studying at the same time so this suits them.

"In the wake of the pandemic, University of the Highlands and Islands is getting requests from universities asking us for help. That puts the emphasis on innovation and that's where our new Centre for Online Research and Education comes in. After this pandemic, the way education is delivered will never be the same. The world will never be the same."

The college also offers an M.Ed. Digital Pedagogy. Students from afar afield as the Falkland Islands have studied with Lews Castle College UHI to date.

Create bespoke training for your staff in 2021 with Lews Castle College UHI

Lews Castle College UHI offers a range of professionally accredited training and development courses for local businesses and organisations. This ranges from commercial short courses to individual workshops and bespoke training.

We can work with you to identify your training needs, enabling you to tackle potential skills shortages and support new or existing employees to develop.

Lews Castle College can support you to explore different funding streams such as The Scottish Government's Flexible Workforce Development Fund. This is available to employers across the private, public and third sectors. The Fund allows you to address priority skills gaps and invest in your workforce through training and personal development.

We have worked with a range of local businesses to assess and support their training needs. Macmillan Engineering based in Stornoway said, “We have always liaised well with Lews Castle College and find it beneficial to our company that these training and educational facilities are available locally.”

You can visit our Business Page (https://www.lews.uhi.ac.uk/business/) or contact our Development Officer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about how you can access funding and create bespoke learning for your team.

Find your future with Lews Castle College UHI - https://www.lews.uhi.ac.uk/courses-starting-january-2021/

Engineering and Construction Courses starting in January 2021 at Lews Castle College UHI

We have a wide range of courses available throughout the year whether you are looking to begin your career in construction and engineering or to develop you training and skills further with a short course.

If you are employed in the engineering sector and are looking to upgrade your current qualifications, we offer flexible study options in a range of engineering disciplines including, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Energy Engineering. Whether you are employed locally or are working on a rotational basis, you can upgrade your current qualification to HNC or degree level with a tailored package of learning suited to your personal circumstances.

Find your future with Lews Castle College UHI - https://www.lews.uhi.ac.uk/courses-starting-january-2021/

Creative Learning Opportunities with Lews Castle College in 2021

Make 2021 the year you make a change and do something new with Lewis Castle College UHI’S creative courses. We have a huge variety of creative learning opportunities available for you; whether you want to pick up a new instrument, learn a new skill or simply develop existing talents our expert course leaders can help you achieve your potential.

Turn your ideas into songs local musician Willie Campbell, design and cast a silver piece of jewellery or dive into the Gaelic language through the medium of traditional Gaelic song with our award-winning staff online from South Uist.

Find your future with Lews Castle College UHI - https://www.lews.uhi.ac.uk/courses-starting-january-2021/

A bheil Gàidhlig agad? January 2021 Gaelic Courses at Lews Castle College UHI

Whether you are taking your first step in learning Gaelic, a native speaker, looking to develop your conversational skills or learn more about the Gaelic language and culture, we have a course for you.

As well as a range of Gaelic language classes we have short courses which explore Gaelic culture and heritage. Our Gaelic Placenames evening class explores the different languages used to describe our landscape, and what they tell us about history as well as geography.

Find your future with Lews Castle College UHI - https://www.lews.uhi.ac.uk/courses-starting-january-2021/

Don’t wait Until September to start your degree

We have a wide range of full and part time degrees and post graduate courses starting in January 2021.

If this is your first time studying at university level, or you've been away from study for some time, we have a range of exciting undergraduate courses to choose from, many of which are directly linked to industry and business, giving you the best chance of a great career.

We also offer post graduate course for those wishing to specialise further including Healthcare Management, Pedagogy and Teaching qualifications.

Find your future with Lews Castle College UHI - https://www.lews.uhi.ac.uk/courses-starting-january-2021/