An Lanntair celebrates Hamish Gow with an evening of film, music and canoeing across the West Coast of Scotland and Ireland on Saturday 9th June, at 8pm

Hamish and Anne Gow were the first people to kayak to St Kilda in 1965, a feat still considered as a great sea kayaking adventure and challenge.

Hamish also kayaked and journeyed across the Hebrides and West Coast of Scotland in the middle of the 20th century, and whilst doing so filmed and photographed the journeys leaving a vivid and historical record of incredible images and scenes.

Some of his films have now been digitised and edited to create a series of films called “Kayaks in Kodachrome”, with Hamish narrating over the films.

Hamish Gow sadly died in 2017 aged 87, but his memories and recollections survive from this golden era of sea kayak exploration in Scotland.

An Lanntair say they “are hosting a relaxed, informal evening for all: whether you’re into outdoor sports, love vintage canoes or just enjoy the West Coast landscapes of Scotland and Ireland, there’s something in this event for everyone. 

The event will include:

  • Introduction by Mike Sullivan, local sea kayak guide and coach.
  • Film screening of “Scottish Odyssey” narrated by Hamish Gow, sea kayaking in the 1960s on the west coast of Scotland and Hebrides.
  • Film screening of “Glasgow to Galway” kayak trip on the west coast of Ireland 1959.
  • Audiovisual performance with images from Scotland and the Hebrides in the 1950s and 60s, and live music from Rosie Sullivan and friends. A portion of the ticket money raised will be donated to the fund raising campaign to to create an open access digital archive of kayaking films.