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Support our Funeral Notices service!

The lockdown in March 2020 dealt the financial structure of a traumatic blow. 

But the demand for news and information from local people soared to new heights in the weeks that followed…and the team behind carried on running a non-stop rolling news service, which for several months included Covid-19 news from all across the world.

Since summer 2020, has been put on a new financial footing – one side effect being that we charge for almost every service. 

However, funeral notices have remained free…they are posted as soon as possible after they are supplied by undertakers, usually from Stornoway but occasionally from Portree as well. 

So now we are adding a button where anyone who feels like supporting’s Funeral Notices service and keeping it free to use, can donate money to help us provide the service.

If you feel like doing so, that would be really great!


A) In the past, a very small number of Funeral Notices were paid for.  Unlike the Notices from Stornoway and Portree – which are supplied print-ready – these were supplied in text form by Funeral Directors from off the Islands and had to be designed and checked for approval by our staff.  Since Friday August 20, 2021, these notices are also provided free.  

B) Please note, this is a different service from our bespoke acknowledgements and Family Notices service.  These are individually designed and compiled and these have always been a paid-for service.