The Scottish Affairs Committee is planning to visit the Isle of Lewis on Monday 18th February to meet local crofters and learn about the issues facing remote island communities.

The Scottish Affairs Committee is holding an inquiry into the future of Scottish agricultural policy after Brexit. It says:

"The inquiry will examine the key priorities for Scottish farming and explore how agricultural policy after Brexit will impact Scottish farmers, particularly those in remote and less favoured areas.

Visit to local crofts

"The Committee’s visit will involve a tour of the island’s local crofts with an exploration of the distinctive characteristics of crofting on the North and South of the island. The Isle of Lewis has a strong crofting tradition stretching since the 1800s. The practice of crofting is unique to Scotland and crofters face many challenges arising from the remote locations they work in and land reform issues.

Public meeting, Stornoway Town Hall

"Following this the Committee will hold a public meeting in the Stornoway Town Hall to hear directly from Isle of Lewis’ residents about their views on the issues that island communities face today. The Committee is interested to hear suggestions for how it might feed these concerns into its ongoing and future inquiries. The meeting will begin at 6pm and everyone is welcome to attend – registrations should be made through an Eventbrite link on the Committee’s website."

Here’s a link to the Committee’s website:

And the agriculture inquiry page: