Western Isles Citizens Advice Service is now in the second week of Scams Awareness Month, the campaign that aims to encourage local people to spot, avoid and report scams.

Now the campaign is focusing in particular on people aged under 30.

This group has been seeing an increase in fraud the last few years. Young people are also more vulnerable to certain types of scam, like subscription traps, identity fraud, job scams, and ticketing scams.

A spokesperson for WICAS says: “Our campaign had a great start last week and it is important that people are aware that  scams can hit anyone at any time, and our general message is to be wary, to challenge any trader or deal you are unsure of, always read the small print and never give out your personal details to someone you don’t know.

"This week we want to focus these messages particularly towards younger people.

“The evidence suggests that incidents of fraud are increasing among young people, and yet younger people are more confident than most groups that they can avoid scams.

"We would not like to think that younger people here in the Western Isles are lowering their guard and making themselves vulnerable to fraud.

“So we want to stress to young people locally that they are all potential scam victims, and that they need to protect themselves against those who would steal their money. People need to become more savvy and beat the scammers.”

CAB Tips that are particularly relevant to young people include:   

  1. Make sure your computer has a firewall and reputable anti-virus software. Without these, your computer has no defence to block infections.
  2. Don’t throw out anything with your name, address or financial details without shredding it first.
  3. Check your statements carefully and report anything suspicious to the bank or financial service provider concerned.

The CABx offices in the Western Isles can be contacted by telephone at the following numbers: 

Barra CAB – 01871 - 810608

Uist CAB – 01870 - 602421

Harris CAB – 01859 - 502431

Lewis CAB – 01851 - 705727