The Morning Room at Lews Castle proved a wonderful gallery for the Stornoway RNLI Art Sale

The gift of 25 stunning drawings and paintings by artist Richard Walker (1925-2009) to Stornoway RNLI has raised £700 for the local lifesavers.
A number of the late artist’s works were sold on Friday (June 23rd) as the Stornoway Lifeboat Ladies Guild held an Art Sale in the Morning Room at Lews Castle.
“The sale went really well and the room was packed,” said Guild Chair Ellen MacDonald. “The Morning Room was lovely, with such good light to show off the art works; and the Natural Retreats’ staff couldn’t have done more, they were so helpful. We’re really thankful to them.

“There were many people there who had local connections and interest to the houses and places in the paintings. One lady bought one of a ruined house she thinks was the one she was born in in Tolsta, and another couple from Harris were looking for one of the works that they had connections too.”

Born in Surrey, Walker first visited the Western in the 1960s and returned regularly, his sketches and paintings proving record of island views and sights over the passing time.
The donated art works were delivered to Stornoway RNLI by his friend Richard Halsey, who joined Walker on a visit to the islands in 1978.
“Richard found inspiration in the hugely varied island landscape: the rugged coastlines, the rock formations, the colours of the wide open vistas, dilapidated buildings and subtle groupings of sheep,” he said.
Trained at the Croydon School of Art, then at London University and the Slade School, Walker worked as a professional artist throughout his career, hosting many successful one-man shows and a frequent exhibitor at the major London art societies’ exhibitions.
There are still 11 of Walker’s art works donated to Stornoway RNLI which remain unsold, price range from £20 to £80 – and anyone interested in viewing or purchasing the pieces should enquire at the Stornoway RNLI Shop on Cromwell Street.