Initial results across UK show a lead for Remain with commanding leads in Orkney, Gibraltar and a narrow lead in Newcastle.   The last opinion polls show leads of one to four per cent for Remain.  The ballot boxes from the Southern Isles are predicted to be landing in their helicopter at Stornoway Airport just about now.

00.20 - Sunderland has voted to leave; Clackmannanshire to Remain

00.26 - the ballot boxes have arrived from Uist and Barra and the votes are now being verified before counting can start.

00.30 - Nationally Leave are ahead by 151,744 to 148,537 votes

0040 - The BBC reports the value of the £ plunging on currency markets as the expected Remain lead fails to appear

00.53 - The Remain vote is now ahead 190,000 to 170,000  - and the postal voting counting section in the Lewis Sports Centre are clearing up their tables with their duties concluded.   As across the UK, there are wide variations from district to district in the Islands - with some voting decisively for Remain, others to Leave and some equally split.  

AT 01.05 the votes nationally had swung back to Leave with 266,721 for Leave and 259,790 for Remain 

At 01.09 the interim poll results for the Western isles were announced.   There's a 70.2 pic turnout with 14,919 voting out of a possible total of 21,259.

01.16 £ continues to plunge; Shetland  votes to Remain.  There's a view that the Remain areas have had a lower turnout than the Leave areas meaning that Remain is now behind what was expected,  There's also concern that Labour regions have totally ignored the party leadership's pro-EU stance. 

01.30  Almost four hours ago Nigel Farage of UKIP conceded defeat for Leave…now Leave campaigners are claiming a win with a lead at present 

01.31 Western Isles vote declared.   8,232 for Remain; 6,671 for Leave;  16 spoiled papers 

01.38 The Lewis Sports Centre is rapidly emptying.  TV interviews taking place, tables cleared away.  Remain campaigners happy about local success but dismayed by news from away