April is Foot Health Month – a chance to check that your feet are getting the care and attention they need, says Western Isles NHS.

The Foot Health Month campaign, from The College of Podiatry, aims to raise awareness of the importance of good foot health and good foot care through all stages of life.

Podiatrists are experts in all aspects of feet and lower limbs, and undergo years of specialist training to enable them to diagnose, treat and advice people on how to look after their feet and lower limbs.

NHS Western Isles Podiatry Services Manager, Sarann Macphee, said: “Feet are one of the hardest working parts of our body, but they are also one of the most neglected.

“During Foot Health Month we want to remind people to get to know their feet and know that foot pain is not normal, so if you or a family member is experiencing pain or a problem, visit a podiatrist.

You can find out further information about good foot health via The College of Podiatry online at www.cop.org.uk

Six easy ways to keep your feet healthy -

  • Wash your feet every day: Use warm, soapy water and take care to dry them well, especially between your toes as this will help to prevent fungal nail infections, such as athlete’s foot.
  • Trim your toenails: Use proper nail clippers and cut them straight across, not too short and not down at the corners as this can lead to ingrowing toenails.
  • Keep feet moisturised: If the skin on your feet is dry, put moisturiser on your feet before you go to bed, avoiding between the toes as this can lead to fungal infections.
  • Wear the right footwear: It is important to make sure your shoes are the right size for your feet. Buy footwear in the afternoon when your feet are at their largest. Get your feet measured if you are unsure of your size.
  • Pay attention to your socks: Wear well fitting socks and change them every day to avoid sweaty feet.
  • Check your feet regularly: Giving your feet the once over every week will help you to spot any possible problems quickly.