Contractors working for Northern Lighthouse Board are being treated to a view seen by a very few fortunate people nowadays, as they freshen up the paintwork inside the iconic Butt of Lewis lighthouse.

Painters working for contractors TRAC engineering are hard at work inside and out at the top of the 37-metre high tower, with the painters inside climbing the 168 steps to reach the lantern itself.

They’re rewarded not just by a job well done, but by the most spectacular views of the North Atlantic. The unbroken panorama of sea and sky has been in front of them as they worked through a month of every kind of weather, from bright blue skies to storm-lashed seas.

Northern Lighthouse Board supplied these photos following our story earlier this week on the renewed progress of refurbishment and maintenance work (

Work on the lighthouse is scheduled to be complete in September this year.

(Pictures from NLB).