Fresh Hebridean mussel's are available from Harbour Seafoods.

Humans have harvested mussels as food for thousands of years. These tasty nutritious molluscs can be smoked, boiled, steamed, roasted, barbecued or fried and are a popular food around the world!

In Belgium, the Netherlands, and France, mussels are often eaten with French fries ("mosselen met friet" or "moules-frites") or bread.

The Italians and Spanish mix mussels with other sea food, then they are often steam cooked, sometimes with white wine, herbs and garlic, and served with the remaining water and some lemon. And a glass of wine to wash it down.

The Turkish like to cover them with flour and fry on shishs ('midye tava'), or fill with rice and served cold.

In New Zealand, they are served in a chili or garlic-based vinaigrette, processed into fritters and fried, or used as the base for a chowder.

In India mussels are popular in many areas. They are either often prepared with vegetables or filled with rice, coconut paste and spices and served hot. Fried mussels ('Kadukka') of north Kerala are a spicy, favored delicacy. 

So where-ever you take your culinary inspiration from enjoy some fresh mussels from our Hebridean waters.