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Former Pairc Free Church minister Rev Iain MacRitchie has been inducted as the new minister at Greyfriars Free Church, Inverness.

He takes over from Rev Dr Malcolm MacLean, who retired in November last year.

Rev Stephen Allison, Kiltarlity Free Church and Moderator of Presbytery presided and preached. 

The formal part of the induction then took place. Presbytery Clerk John MacAulay recounted the steps taken to moderate the call to the point of acceptance. The questions put to Iain were satisfactorily answered, the Formula was signed, and prayer and the hand of fellowship were followed, resulting in Iain being admitted to the pastoral office as minister of Greyfriars.

Rev Stephen Allison encouraged Iain in his new pastoral role, pointing out the mission field around the church. Helpful advice was given to the congregation – continue and maintain unity and Christian example, be prayerful, supportive and encouraging to the new minister and work with him. The service was concluded by the congregation singing the last three verses of Psalm 72.

Rev Rory Stott, minister of Fortrose Free Church and Interim Moderator for Greyfriars, asked George MacAskill, one of the elders, to make a presentation. 

Mrs Muriel Davidson presented Mrs Rena Macritchie, Iain’s mother, with a bouquet of flowers. Greetings from several people were read, including a poem written by Gordon MacLeod.

Rev Donald Macleod of North Tolsta Free Church spoke about Iain’s work in his previous congregation, Pairc, and his contribution to the Western Isles presbytery as a whole.

Donnie MacLeod (formerly of Faith Mission Highlands & Islands) spoke of the necessity of Gospel Partnership, prayer, and support in Christian service. He spoke of how Iain assisted in a focused and practical manner during the Garyvard Mission, referring to how Iain worked with people and the warmth of his character in developing friendships.


Image credit: Free Church of Scotland