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The MV Isle of Lewis remains in Oban this morning (Mon, April 22) after developing a fault with a bow visor at the weekend.

CalMac expects to issue an update later on whether the ferry plans to depart Oban at 12:35 as timetabled. But last night, they warned that the service remains liable to disruption or cancellation.

The technical issue with the bow visor developed on Saturday after the morning crossing from Castlebay.

Traffic could not disembark, with the hold-up delaying the 10:30 departure. Eventually, the bow visor was raised, only to fail a second time. By then, it was almost 11.43 am, and it was decided that further investigations would be conducted once a berth at Oban became available at 12:35.

However, as it became clear there was no immediate fix on the horizon, vehicles were discharged at Oban, and the crossing was abandoned. The ferry overnighted in Oban while the fault was probed.

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