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There’s been a flurry of outraged social media reaction today (Friday 19 April) after an influential Conservative journalist suggested former Prime Minister Liz Truss should be ‘banished’ to the Outer Hebrides.

Tim Montgomerie, founder of a website called ConservativeHome, was being interviewed by Sky News this morning after the publication of a new memoir by Ms Truss.

Describing the former PM as ‘the most unpopular Prime Minister we’ve had in living memory’, Mr Montgomerie suggested: “She should have gone and run a hotel in the Outer Hebrides or something.”

The throwaway remark engendered plenty of response after Sky’s lead politics presenter Sophy Ridge quoted the remark on her official X/Twitter feed.

While a few missed the import of the suggestion from an island point of view, plenty of people both within and beyond the islands were furious.

Most comments simply asked: “What has the Outer Hebrides done to deserve that?” and suggested that ‘the people of the islands might think differently.’

But there were also those who commented on what the off-the-cuff remark showed about political thinking more broadly.

One said: “The British media seem to think the Outer Hebrides, Orkney etc are to be viewed as some kind of punishment sin-bin for discredited Tory MPs. Stop it.”

And beer journalist John Porter felt it was: “A comment that very much underestimates the very real challenges of running a hospitality business in the Outer Hebrides and denigrates the efforts of those who do so successfully.”