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Stornoway bikers at Carnival time

Stornoway bikers lead the way in the off-road Module 1 motorbike test, scoring the UK’s best pass rate of 86.4%.

The pass rate pips second-placed Norwich, with 86.1%. UK-wide, the Module pass rate is 73.2%.

However, when it comes to the Module 2 test - the main part of the motorcycle driving test - Stornoway does not feature in the top ten.

Motorbike journalist Ben Purves says the big differences begin to emerge when looking at individual test centres. The latest UK government figures show that where you take your motorbike test may affect your chances of passing.

Comments Ben: “The fact that there’s just as much variance in the off-road Module 1 test pass rates from place to place as there is for the on-road Module 2 tests suggests that the differences can’t be down to something as simple as traffic, although it’s easy to imagine that it might be harder to pass an on-road test in a busy city than in a quiet, rural area.”

With Stornoway topping the Module 1 pass rate, he adds: “Only a tiny number of new riders take their tests in the Outer Hebrides each year, but even so, the pass rate of 86.4% is pretty impressive.

“That can’t be put down purely to the small number of tests, as Norwich, with many times more tests per year, is next on the list with a Module 1 pass rate of 86.1%, and five of the ten busiest test centres in the country manage to beat the national average pass rate, exactly as it should be.”

Only two other Scottish test centres feature in the Module 1 top ten -  Aberdeen South, 81.9%, and Dundee 80.4%.

Stornoway’s Module 2 pass rate is 73.1%, which is slightly above the UK average of 71.1%.

Stoke-on-Trent has the highest Module 2 pass rate, with over 90% of candidates returning home with a full licence. At the other end of the scale, Glasgow is almost rock bottom, with a 56.8% pass rate.