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 Medical Ward 2 in Western Isles Hospital in Stornoway is closed to new admissions until further notice, as a result of a small number of cases of Influenza B.

To help prevent further spread, medical admissions to the ward will be restricted until further notice, NHS Western Isles stated late this afternoon (Wednesday April 10) 

A Problem Assessment Group (PAG) has been established to ensure all necessary measures are in place to prevent further spread within the ward.

In terms of Hospital visiting, NHSWI are asking friends and relatives of inpatients in Medical Ward 2 to only visit if necessary and to restrict the number of people visiting patients.

"This is to ensure our patients are protected, but also to ensure that visitors do not contract Influenza B. Please ensure you do not visit patients if you feel unwell.

"Visitors should ensure they wash their hands before and after visiting."