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Rockall expedition leader Cam Cameron has confirmed that a return to the isolated Atlantic rock is planned for next month.

Updating on the expedition’s long-delayed clean-up operation, Cam took to Facebook to reveal he is hoping to visit Rockall again on board the expedition yacht TAEPING.

“We’ll clear up, conduct a survey and place a plaque or two,” he said.

However, a picture of Rockall taken by a passing vessel on February 14 appears to show little trace left of last year’s occupation.

One item of special significance that Cam is hoping has survived the winter weather of the North Atlantic is a Megan’s stepping stone, part of a global collection that commemorates a child victim of cancer.

Gemma Dickie and daughter, Megan.

Said Cam. "I met with her mum, Gemma, today and had a wee chat, and what a privilege. It’s a great honour to be part of this amazing family.”

“Megan’s Stepping Stones” is a heartfelt initiative aimed at spreading awareness about childhood cancer and commemorating Megan Dickie, who lost her life to the disease. 

The stepping stones are painted and then hidden in various locations. They serve as a tribute to Megan and a poignant reminder of the ongoing fight against childhood cancer. Each stone found helps to keep Megan’s memory alive and spreads the word about child cancer awareness. 

On Megan’s Stepping Stones Facebook group, her mother, Gemma, writes: “Our beautiful, funny, daft daughter was living life to the max. Megan was full of ambition, her dream was to join the police force working with the police dogs and travel all over. However, in March 2017, our lives changed forever; Megan was diagnosed with cancer.”

Despite fighting the disease and even going to school for a day a week before she passed away, Megan succumbed to the disease while at home with her mother and father, Mark, by her side on September 5, 2018.

The Facebook group asks that people get a stone, write MJD in blue, place it somewhere nice, take a photo, and post it on the group page along with the location.

Explains Gemma: “Megan left many footprints on so many people’s hearts, and now we want to help her leave her footprints all over the world, stepping from place to place.”

Rockall image credit: Peter Harcus 

Gemma and Megan Dickie image: via Facebook