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With the Easter holidays approaching, Police Scotland has teamed up with  Outer Hebrides Tourism, CalMac Ferries and the Bùth Bharraigh to promote road safety.

Whether travelling on four or two wheels, the Highlands and Islands police are advising visitors on how to make their visit to the Outer Hebrides safer and more enjoyable.

Their top visitor driving tips are 

  • Always keep to the left.
  • Use passing places to allow oncoming traffic to pass.
  • If you’re a slower vehicle or cyclist, pull in to allow traffic to overtake
  • Many people in our communities are on-call, including firefighters, doctors, coastguard, and lifeboat crew. They use their own vehicles, which don’t have blue lights, so they may flash their headlights. Please pull in to let them pass.
  • Beware of sheep, deer and cattle which can wander onto our roads.
  • Drivers should slow down when passing walkers and cyclists.

Image credit: Catherine MacRury