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One of the things which is often said to us on is: "I didn't expect to have to pay for the advert."

But would anyone say that in a shop?

However small your group is – or vital your cause – no one expects to get their groceries free! provides a whole range of services to our readers and customers for free – including funeral notices and personal 'bits n'bobs' advertising – but we have a highly trained, professional team to maintain our news service and our information services on-line. And funnily enough, they are remarkably much happier if we can get round to paying them occasionally! 

Lots of organisations benefit from our news services – and we hope you will value the responses you get from our tens of thousands of users every week so much that you will want to pay for your adverts…or at the very least, make a donation.

Like our sister printed newspaper EVENTS Monthly, we are free to readers…and that's an essential part of our appeal. 

But another kind of appeal is this one…would local organisations, groups and other customers please consider one-off donations or regular subscriptions to help us continue to improve our services to the entire community from Ness to Castlebay. No other media organisation comes close to the readership reach which has…but to do this, we need people to pay us as well as reading us!

Attentive readers may have noticed this is not the first time this year we have tried to draw attention to how marvellous we are…this is a result of changes in GDPR regulations which – for very laudable reasons – encourage people not to accept national and international adverts from Google Adsense. Unfortunately, this has led to a 25/30% drop in our income from this source (that's all the non-local adverts you see popping up across the website.).

So, here's your chance to support us!