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Crofters from Lewis and Harris and scientists from the James Hutton Institute will visit Shetland next week on a sheep scab fact-finding mission.

The group will learn about Shetland’s unique biosecurity arrangements introduced in response to the increased risk of sheep scab locally.

They will visit the testing facilities on the quayside in Lerwick and the community dipping facilities at Staney Hill to better understand how measures could be replicated in other island and rural communities. 

During the visit, the delegation is keen to hear from anyone who would like to discuss their experiences of sheep dipping in Shetland.  

Hilary Burgess, Veterinary Advisor for Shetland Islands Council, said:  “We’re pleased to be hosting this group in Shetland and look forward to sharing what we’ve learned from dealing with sheep scab and also to find out more about control measures taken by farmers and crofters in the Western Isles.  We look forward to seeing anyone who would like to share experiences with them too so that we can all benefit from greater knowledge on this.”

Image credit: Shetland Islands Council