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Norman's latest album cover

Readers responded enthusiastically to the appeal at the start of the weekend for more to join welovestornoway's loyal team of supporters.

One of those was Norman Paterson who stated: "Just to let you know I made a small donation as thanks for the times you've mentioned me and my music in the past year."

Singer-songwriter Norman left Stornoway more than 30 years ago – but the love he has for his hometown remains as strong as ever. Another artistic consequence of the lockdown period,  Norman, who was raised in Manor Park, tells us: "I'll be home next month.  I'm playing tracks from my two albums TORN and STORNOWAY in An Lanntair. Willie Campbell and a load of island musicians are helping me out."  

This is in support of Blythswood Moldova, and Stornoway's branch of the Scottish Emergency Rescue Association. It is on Thursday March 7. (

Local news and information about events like this is the lifeblood of a community…without it, everyone is at the mercy of the unregulated world of social media posts with their alternative realities, and of the massive multi-national owners of both printed and on-line publications. And while lots of organisations use social media to contact those already 'in the know', there's nothing to beat in bringing attention to a wider public. is the the major source of local news and information throughout the Western Isles, from its base at Stornoway Media Centre. 

During the dark months of 2020 and 2021, with the Covid pandemic at its height and the lockdowns isolating all of us in our own domestic 'bunkers', the news service of really came into its own, with many tens of thousands of people reading its despatches every day – exactly as Norman's music resonated with those trapped at home. 

During that time appealed for – and won – financial support from readers and local organisations for our work – as many services are free to users; apart from the news, there's also Funeral Notices and 'Bits n Bobs' items for sale, for instance. 

But, of course, over the years since, there have been plenty of new distractions and other priorities for everyone. 

Now we need to issue a new request to those many thousands who use the website every day to help us fund our work through continued donations – here's the link so you can add your support to that which comes from our amazing advertisers.