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A seasonal road safety campaign now under way led to two men being caught in separate speeding incidents at the weekend.

Western Isles police stopped a 74-year-old man in Ballantrushal on Friday (1 December) at 11.35am and charged him with speeding.

He was issued with a penalty notice and will have to pay a fine as a result.

In a separate incident, a 36-year-old man is to be reported to the Procurator Fiscal after being found speeding in Sandwick at 8.05am on Saturday.

Police Scotland and the Scottish Government launched a festive road safety campaign on Friday, specifically warning against drink and drug driving.

They warned drivers that drugs can slow down responses, making a collision more likely and that they will be ready to catch suspected drug-drivers throughout the festive period, with roadside tests using drug wipes. If the test is positive, drivers will be arrested.

Chief Superintendent Hilary Sloan, Police Scotland’s head of road policing, said: “We continue to see motorists put others at risk by driving after drinking alcohol or taking drugs, despite repeated warnings about the dangers of drink and drug-driving.

“It doesn’t matter how good a driver you think you are, alcohol and drugs will affect your reactions and your judgment.

“Don’t put yourself or others at risk. You could lose your job, end up in prison or suffer life-changing injuries. Think of the impact it could have on your loved ones. You could kill someone.

“If anyone is concerned about a driver’s behaviour, let us know. Help us keep Scotland’s roads safe.”

Penalty points and a criminal record are also the result of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Image from Police Scotland’s campaign materials.