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The Hebridean Men's Cancer Support Group is hoping to accelerate the race towards matching last year's total of fundraising – but they need your help!

And to encourage you to join their traditional raffle there are more prizes being added every day, with the current total standing at 110!

They are conscious that people have many competing needs and demands at this time of year – and they don't seem to be able to reach as many people this year, they feel, in the raucous world of modern social media. 

Here is the list of the incredible prizes they've received from businesses, groups and individuals.  

The group say: "The proceeds help so many men - and their families - affected by cancer here in the Outer Hebrides. 

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The aim of the Group is to help and support men and their families, who are affected by cancer.

They add: "We are very grateful to all of the sponsors for their generous donations to the Prize Draw." 

The Prize Draw will take place on Thursday, 21 December 2023.