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There was major boost to the Eilean Siar Foodbank last week as TESCO colleagues got together to raise money for this vital cause in the run-up to Christmas, a time of year which sees those in need feeling even more excluded from the wellbeing of society than normally. 

Group chairperson Charlie Nicholson and Sheena from the Food Bank collected £500 from colleagues Darren and 'DJ'.

This was collected from Dressdown days and a race-night. 

Eilean Siar Foodbank began as an initiative of the New Wine Church in Point Street during 2010, delivering basic necessities to anyone who needed help.

In 2012 they linked up with the national Trussell Trust, gaining professional advice support and training which proved invaluable as the incoming requests increased. The Eilean Siar Foodbank later broke away from the Trussell Trust because they found their rules too restrictive.

During the 2020 lockdown, many of the volunteers were shielding while the requests from agencies escalated to such a level that a number of those in the community came in to pack boxes and help organise distribution from various locations around the town.

This led to the foodbank receiving notification of a grant being available to pay a part-time food bank coordinator for six months – the first ESF paid employee which changed the lives of the volunteers.

The new co-ordinator also made time to look for premises with easier access which meant dismantling and rebuilding shelving in the various temporary bases.  

During lockdown other food banks sprang up across the island which was a great way to bringing communities together and doing what our island people do best – giving generously to those in need.

The majority of Eilean Siar Foodbank parcels are still distributed via other agencies and charities who identify people in need. 

Now Eilean Siar Foodbank operates from its second permanent home in Keith Street.