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There's need for improvements at Uig Primary School and Nursery Class, say Education Scotland. 

Education Scotland is the Scottish Government executive agency charged with supporting quality and improvement in Scottish education.

Parents, staff and officials at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar have been sent a letter outlining the actions needed.  It first draws attention to the key strengths of the school.

  • Staff have created a welcoming and friendly school. At the sgoil-àraich, children are immersed well in Gaelic. Children engage well with a range of total immersion play experiences indoors, outdoors and in the community.
  • Children develop well their performance skills and understanding of their island, heritage and culture through drama and music. Children sing in Gaelic with energy, enthusiasm and joy.
  • Children work with specialists in preparing for the local Mòd and in researching their identity with the historical society. This is extending children’s learning and skills beyond the classroom.

The following areas for improvement were identified and discussed with the headteacher and a representative from Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

  • Increase the leadership and pace of improving key areas impacting on learning and attainment, based on robust self-evaluation arrangements. A range of stakeholders, including the staff team, parents and children should have lead roles for taking forward improvements in the school.
  • Develop and use a policy for total immersion education to strengthen children’s progress and fluency in Gaelic. This should increase the quality and entirety of total immersion across all areas of children’s learning.
  • Continue to develop the curriculum to be clear on the progress that children make as they move from stage to stage at Sgoil Ùige. Teachers should have well-defined approaches to developing reading and writing, in Gaelic and English, health and wellbeing and Gaelic (Learners).
  • Raise children’s attainment in all aspects of learning and make better use of information from assessment, professional dialogue and tracking meetings.

Education Scotland say:  "As a result of our inspection findings, we think that the school needs additional support and more time to make necessary improvements.

"We will liaise with Comhairle nan Eilean Siar regarding the school’s capacity to improve.

"We will return to carry out a further inspection of the school within a year of the publication of this letter."

CnES Chief Officer for Education & Children’s Services, Donald Macleod, said: “I acknowledge the findings of the inspection report and recognise the strengths of the school and Sgoil Àraich that it highlights, especially in relation to Gaelic. Our service places the utmost importance on addressing the areas for development highlighted by the inspection team and work has begun with the headteacher and staff to ensure the required changes and improvements are implemented.”

A comment from CnES has been added since this report was first posted