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The electricity network in Point is due to undergo a major refurbishment starting tomorrow (Wednesday 30 August), with more than 1,100 homes and businesses affected.

Power lines and poles between Aignish and Portnaguran will be replaced and upgraded by teams from SSEN Distribution, and new switching gear is also being installed during the one-week project.

The project represents about £150,000 worth of investment to ensure that the electricity infrastructure supplying power to Point area is in the best possible shape to face this winter – and for many years to come.

To keep everyone safe – including the engineers themselves – power will be temporarily turned off on sections of the overhead line where work is due to take place that day.

Mobile generators are being used to supply the majority of customers' electricity during that time and all customers affected by these works have already been notified by letter.

Fiona MacLeod, SSEN Distribution's Western Isles operations manager, said: "We're committed to delivering a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity to our customers all year round, and this week-long project will help boost network resilience and minimise the risk of power cuts for everyone in the Point area.

"As we all know, wind speeds in the Western Isles regularly reach gale force over the winter months, which means that our wooden poles need to be in the best condition possible.

“A major part of this project will see our teams replacing poles which are approaching the end of their scheduled working lifespans, as well as any which are showing signs of excess wear and tear."

The pictures show preparations for the project under way at Tiumpanhead, and some of the current overhead lines supported by wooden poles.