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Lewis is big enough to be home to two recording studios, they both agree.

While Keith Morrison’s Wee Studio has been the more high profile, Black Bay Studio in Bernera has quietly been attracting talent to the island from across the UK, Europe and Australia.

And with the Wee Studio moving to bigger premises in South Dell, it was an opportune moment for Pete Fletcher of Black Bay Studio to pay a visit.

And his first impression of Keith’s new set up was “It’s colossal.”

Recalled Pete: “When we moved here as a family nine years ago with an idea to build Black Bay, Keith was running a wee studio (in name and nature) in Stornoway. He's born and bred here. I was very aware that potentially there were toes to be stepped on, and expected some friction.

“However, what we received was the biggest welcome and encouragement from Keith, not only to the business but to our family. That was pretty incredible to me.”

Since then, the duo have worked together on a variety of numerous projects.

Commented Pete: “His [Keith’s] business has been utterly thriving, not only in the studio, but now with the label, touring, management and some huge successes along the way.

“Total legend basically. So yeah, wishing Keith every success with the new studio and looking forward to doing more together over coming years.”

Black Bay Studio was opened in 2016 in a former crab factory and has three acoustic rooms, a comprehensive equipment list, and accommodation for nine.

The new Wee Studio premises were originally the Linux Centre for IT work, an advance office development by Highlands and Islands Enterprise. 

Pete, originally from Nottingham, was formerly a member of Escapologists, a British indie band.

Most recently, Pete helped with production of The Clearances Again, the Skippinish/DF MacNeil collaboration raising awareness of Scottish Government plans to ban inshore fishing and all marine activities through the proposed Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs).