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Darchie Macleod

A new BBC ALBA documentary explores the lives of twenty-somethings in the modern world - and compares them to generations gone by.

Asking if your twenties really are the best years of your life, Cass Ezeji presents Na 20an (Twenties) from the award-winning Trusadh series.

From young Gaelic social media influencers to her own granddad, George McNally, Cass delves into the lives of young people across Scotland to see how different twenty-somethings are compared to previous generations.

The star of MacTV’s hit Trusadh documentary Afro Gaels - Cass, who is now 29, asks and answers some of her own questions as she approaches her thirties with some apprehension.

Along the way, she learns from many of her peers, also born in the digital age, to give a snapshot of modern living.  This generation is seen to be more socially aware, health-conscious and environmentally responsible than those that came before.

Among those that Cass meets is Mark Smith (25), from Shawbost and now living in Glasgow, who is enthusiastic about promoting the Gaelic language on social media platforms. Mark does this through his Instagram cooking tutorials and feels he and others are helping to keep the language alive by using it on modern outlets.

Cass also speaks to Iona Whyte, who is passionate about a sustainable way of living and recognises climate change as an important issue. The 27-year-old is anti-fast fashion, doing the majority of her shopping in vintage and charity shops.

And there's also Chloe Steele, aged 23, who, with her partner, is building a house in Lochcarnan, South Uist.  Chloe believes in young people staying in the islands to keep the Western Isles vibrant and moving forward.

Another twenty-something enjoying island life is 22-year-old Darchie Macleod - a lorry driver from Carloway.  Darchie loves his home turf and can’t see himself ever leaving.

A lively and colourful programme with a diverse selection of strong and youthful voices, Trusadh: Na 20an provides both a window into and acts as a mirror of life for twenty-somethings growing up in 2020s Scotland.

Trusadh - Na 20an (Twenties) airs on BBC ALBA on Monday 10 April 2023 at 9pm and will be available on BBC iPlayer for 30 days after.