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Eriskay Football Club is adding to its burgeoning global profile after being featured in the latest Sky Bet advertising campaign.

The three-minute video by the mobile betting app features chairman Stephen Macdonald who is jokingly referred to by the players as the club’s best signing.

Shaun Mackinnon, ex-manager and player, comments in the video: “Chairman is his official title at the club, but I don’t think that really does him justice.”

Since joining the club, the chairman has put the football club on the world map via social media. The team is said to have the remotest pitch in the UK and is one of FIFA’s eight unique football grounds in the world to play the beautiful game.

The intense interest has brought the club international attention and gained them fans worldwide, from afar afield as America, Canada, Greece, and Australia.

More important, under Stephen Macdonald’s chairmanship, the club has become financially stable, with an away fixture in Stornoway, for example, no longer being a headache for the club’s bottom line.

In the video, player Norman Macinnes comments: “He has been brilliant for the club. What he has done over the years is he’s brought about such a massive change in what football means to the community.”

The video is a showcase for the team and for Stephen Macdonald, as he has been nominated for a No.1 award for people who contribute to making football better without being on the pitch.