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Police Scotland has urged tourists visiting Barra and Vatersay not to use passing places on the Island's mainly single-track roads as car parks.

With the 2023 tourist season in sight, police are appealing to tourists to be on their best behaviour.

Issuing their tourism advice, Police Scotland said: “It’s important everyone visiting the islands enjoys the wonderful amenities on offer but that they do so with consideration to other visitors and those lucky enough to live here all year round.

“In the past, there have been issues with people ignoring restrictions and parking in designated passing places or parking their vehicles, causing obstructions. This behaviour results in traffic issues and disruption.”

They point out that inconsiderate parking on Barra and Vatersay is not the only tourism-related problem. Litter is being discarded, and pets are not being controlled and have attacked livestock, causing significant distress to the animals and potential financial detriment to crofters.

Passing places with poles have message boards attached in areas where issues have been raised and where there is a high footfall of tourists and traffic. They are also being displayed on the Oban to Castlebay ferry.

Constable Phil Farndell said: “We look forward to welcoming visitors from all over the world to these beautiful, scenic islands. All we ask is that when you are here, you are considerate and respectful to other visitors and to local residents. Please dispose of your rubbish and waste responsibly, keep your pets under control and adhere to the restrictions. Let’s all work together to ensure we can all enjoy the stunning and striking beauty the islands have to offer.”

The message board panels display QR codes. When scanned, one of the codes links the user directly to the Buth Bharraigh website providing up-to-date information on the shops and services on Barra and Vatersay.

The other QR code links to an Outer Hebrides tourism site with information on campsites, amenities and a valuable guide on safe driving, walking and cycling the Hebridean roads.