Stornoway band the Broken Ravens found their long-awaited trip to record and to perform in Los Angeles took far longer than they expected - after they got caught up in the chaos caused by heavy snow and sub-zero conditions last week.
Kevin Clark explains: “I was stuck in Glasgow airport from Tuesday night until Friday afternoon. Then went via Iceland, Chicago then LA and arrived a day before the others who left Glasgow before me.

“The rest of the guys had an epic adventure going across on the ferry last Thursday, borrowing a charitable islanders van to drive down to Glasgow, then getting stuck in Amsterdam for a night.
“It was a total nightmare getting here but a huge relief once we were all reunited. We are so fortunate to have such great friends that helped us with equipment and ticket sales for our shows.”
Contacting last night, Kevin said: “We are on day three in the studio, bass and drums are done and Derek is finishing off his guitars as I write this.
“Thrash and Toby left to put their parts down then we are done. Laurel Canyon is an amazing place with such a relaxed vibe which definitely brings out the best in our performances.
“Danny Hutton is a character and a lovely guy. We had the guided tour, gold disks adorn the walls, letters from Elton John and many more famous people are framed in the lounge area. His wife Lori made us tea on Monday and again tonight, she is also coming to the Viper Room show tomorrow!” (That’s tonight, Thursday March 8th). The band handed out Harris Gin - pictured - and t-shirts.
The Viper Room is a nightclub located on the Sunset Strip. It was opened in 1993 and is still partly owned by actor Johnny Depp. The club became known for being a hangout of Hollywood elite. The Viper Room continues to host music of multiple genres, including metal, punk rock, and alternative rock.
Kevin added that with this gig coming up they were taking a day off from the studio. “We have been working 13-hour days and all suffering from jet lag.”