When National Service was mandatory many young island men elected to enlist in the Merchant Navy instead. Although this meant they were committed for longer than for National Service, it gave the young lads the opportunity to see the world, as well as, in some cases to, lay the foundations for a successful career.

One such young man was Donald Angus Nicolson (Domhall Angie Fhionnlaigh ) from Lemreway, Lochs.

While working aboard his ship at dock in London,  D A had an accident which caused him to be hospitalised.  As a result of this he was compensated by his company.  With this compensation he was able to attend college in London, and begin on the path which led to his not only becoming a ship’s captain, but, eventually to becoming the Commodore Captain of his company, and he was an excellent example of the ability and quality of so many young men from the islands who took the opportunities offered them to make their mark in life.

After a successful career in the Far East he retired to his native village of Lemreway, having bought the old school/schoolhouse. He had married Effie from Marvig, and together they  enjoyed  retirement in an idyllic setting beside Loch Shell where he had been  born and raised. 

Besides himself and Effie being hospitable to the many who came their way, and who enjoyed his lively sense of humour as well as his many stories,  Domhuill Angie liked nothing better than being out fishing in his little boat which was  moored on the shore just outside.

His other great love was the accordion which gave him much pleasure, especially while aboard his ship.  He  was an excellent player himself and in retirement enjoyed being involved with other musicians.  He was honoured by having a tune named after him and Effie  called “Captain and Mrs Nicolson of Lemreway”

It was with sadness that his many friends learnt of his passing at the age of 85 on January 26, 2018.