An area of Stornoway has been hit today (Monday January 29th) by a second power outage in less than a week.

Scottish and Southern Electricty Networks say: ” We are sorry for the loss of supply affecting 1357 customers in the Stornoway area of The Western Isles.

“Our engineers  are en route and will arrive on site no later than 09.00 to begin investigations.

“We are confident all supplies will be restored by 11.30,

“However, we promise to contact all customers with a full update should you remain affected at this time.”

There was a similar power cut in the area north of Smith Avenue on Thursday evening last week.  That was caused by a lightning strike.  

The impact of the power cut just after 8am was felt elsewhere.  In Bragar the power: “Flickered like party lights. But didn’t go out.”