THE Comhairle will put forward proposals to benefit crofting when councillors and officials meet with Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse on Thursday.

Councillor Donald Crichton Vice Chairman of Sustainable Development and Calum Iain Maciver Director of Development will push for improvements to the Crofter Housing Grant, as well as discussing Crofter Registration, the transfer of crofting estates, CAP Reform and Less Favoured Areas. 

Councillor Crichton said: "This is an excellent opportunity for us to discuss with the Minister a range of issues that are of importance to us and we hope that we will receive a fair hearing. 

"Top of our agenda will be putting the case for increasing the Crofter Housing Grant to a realistic level to help young people and families tackle the increased costs they face building new homes in remote and rural areas."

He addd: "With the Housing Grant review taking place and current concerns on the Registration of Crofts and CAP Reform this meeting is timely.  We want to emphasise to the Minister that serious support from the Scottish Government for crofting can have positive social and economic impacts across our communities."