Western Isles Hospital Theatre Department has been praised for good standards of cleanliness, positive leadership in infection prevention, and good compliance with waste management.
NHS Western Isles has welcomed the latest Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI) Inspection Report, which praises the Department for a good standard of cleanliness throughout, positive leadership in infection prevention and control and good compliance with the management of waste and sharps.
The HEI, part of Healthcare Improvement Scotland, published its report today (Tuesday, December 12th ) which relates to an unannounced inspection visit to the Hospital’s Theatre Department on October 3rd and 4th this year.

Speaking of the report, Ian Smith, Head of Quality of Care, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, said: “Our inspection of Western Isles Hospital showed that there was positive leadership of infection prevention and control, with staff describing a good working relationship with the Infection and Control team.
“However, NHS Western Isles should review the system for cleaning patient equipment in the Theatre Department to reduce the potential for cross-contamination,” he added.
HEI has been set up to help reduce healthcare associated infection risk to patients through a rigorous inspection framework.
This was the first inspection of the hospital’s theatre department and recovery area by the HEI inspection team; and before carrying out the inspection, Healthcare Improvement Scotland reviewed NHS Western Isles self-assessment which informed the decision on which standards to focus on.
The report highlighted a number of additional positive areas, including:
• good compliance with hand hygiene;
• evidence of daily hospital-wide safety huddles;
• appropriate availability of alcohol-based hand rub;
• clean clinical and domestic waste bins;
• all sharps boxes were appropriately labelled and assembled;
• a good supply of personal protective equipment available for staff use in theatre;
• good compliance by staff with the national uniform and dress code policy;
• good management of stock rotation;
• clear evidence of regular infection prevention and control audits;
• good relationship between the Theatre staff and Domestic Services team; and
• good relationship between the Theatre staff and Infection Prevention and Control team.
There were also areas for improvement, including the need for evaluation of the uptake of mandatory infection prevention and control training and to ensure that equipment does not obstruct air vents in Theatre or in the anaesthetic room. Inspectors also recommended that NHS Western Isles should review the system for cleaning patient equipment in the Theatre Department to ensure that theatres are cleaned in a systematic way.
Commenting, NHS Western Isles Chief Executive, Gordon Jamieson, said: “This positive report is testament to our Theatre staff, as well as staff in the Infection Prevention and Control Department and our Domestic Services staff, who all work together to ensure that the environment for patients is up to the highest possible standard.
“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the staff in these departments, as well as the managers and support staff involved, for their clear commitment to maintaining a clean environment and for ensuring that infection prevention and control remains a top priority for NHS Western Isles.”