Highlands and Islands Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron has hit back at Labour’s recent questioning of the UK Government’s commitment to island renewables schemes, accusing the party of “piggy-backing” Tory policies.

The MSP has spoken out following Labour claims that the Conservatives were failing to fully support wind farm development and questioning whether a long wanted Minch interconnector would ever happen. 

Shadow Secretary Lesley Laird and MSP Rhoda Grant also vouched that a Labour would “rural proof” all of its own policies and fully support renewables developments. 

Mr Cameron is now accusing the party of “putting the horse before the cart,” saying that it doesn't understand the difference between constructing an interconnector and making a commitment to subsidising island wind projects.

“As usual, Labour are coming late to this, and it’s about time they set out their own vision for the islands rather than merely piggy-backing on ours," he said, adding that it was “a bit rich” for Labour to make demands when their own UK manifesto makes no mention of wind power.

He continued: “We made a very specific pledge in our manifesto to support the development of island wind projects where there is community benefit, and both the UK Government and myself have met regularly with the Comhairle and other local stakeholders both in Lewis and at Holyrood to discuss how we can deliver on that commitment."