It’s an exciting time for local outlets Underground and Influence, as both shops prepare for a massive expansion in Stornoway town centre.

Influence is moving from its Francis Street premises to the former Hydro Shop building on Cromwell Street – allowing the space it leaves to accommodate more stock for menswear in Underground.

Underground is run by Iain Don Murray, while Influence is run by his wife Catriona and her sister Ann.

Underground initially started out as a branded menswear store which opened on Bayhead in 1998 .

It moved to Cromwell Street in the early 2000s, before shifting once again to its current location next-door to the former Gazette office.

“We hope to have both new shops up and running by the end of September,” Iain Don said.

“The move allows us to considerably expand our ranges in both shops.

“In Underground, we will be bringing in some smart-wear – shirts, trousers, ties, etc.

“We’ll also be selling suits, offering customers a ‘mix and match’ style service.

“And we will be bringing in an extensive range of mens, womens and kids footwear. Also we will be able to expand our school wear lines. We will try to deliver a full range of men’s clothing at competitive prices."

Underground will also revamp 'Go fish' for next season and will add to its expansive selection of fishing equipment.

Having a new building for itself, the new arrangement will also see Influence completely revamp its stock, offering island females a better range of clothing at the very best prices – again catering for all ages.

Influence will also have a massive range of new home and gift ware products.

So keep your eyes peeled for the latest exciting development in town shopping!