Katie Ann was presented with gifts by Ken Macdonald

A legal secretary in Stornoway has reached the milestone of having worked 50 years for legal firms in the town.

Katie Ann Macdonald, from Lower Sandwick, only took time off to raise her family.

Today, friends, family and colleagues enjoyed a meal at Digby Chick restaurant in honour of Katie Ann’s milestone achievement.

Ken Macdonald, of Ken Macdonald & Co., commented: “You could say my whole career has revolved around Katie Ann.
“She joined Anderson McArthur & Co., in 1967, and I joined at the beginning of 1968 as an apprentice.
“Katie Ann made a great pairing with the late Cathy Macleod, who was a legal secretary in Stornoway for 56 years.
“They both worked for the late Douglas Kesting, and then for myself when I fully qualified in 1971.”

Colleagues past and present, friends and family gathered to honour Katie Ann's milestone