ANOTHER monster bluefin tuna has been caught 35 miles off St Kilda.

The 450lbs fish was landed by Kilda Cruises skipper Angus Campbell on board his 'Orca III' cruiser, as part of a tagging and monitoring exercise authorised by conservation body Marine Scotland.

Once its details were recorded, the tuna was released back into the sea.

Angus made global headlines last year when he snared a 515lbs, 9 foot long bluefin tuna.

Atlantic Bluefin tuna are torpedo shaped and their streamlined bodies can travel up to 43 miles per hour.


Experts have warned that they could become more common than cod in the waters around Scotland because of rising temperatures.


Bluefin tuna can exceed 990lbs and are highly prized on the Japanese sushi market, with some selling for over $1million.