Labour candidate for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, Ealasaid MacDonald, has welcomed the Conservative manifesto commitment to support remote island wind projects "where they directly benefit local communities" and has promised to work "across party lines" in order to see it delivered.

Ealasaid said: "This positive development highlights the continuing success of the community energy movement in the Scottish islands who have played a vital role in persuading the Government to include this wording in their manifesto.  The key phrase 'directly benefits communities' underpins the vital role the community energy movement must have in delivering this going forward.

"That is why I am today calling for an absolute guarantee from AMEC/EDF that our communities will receive the same share as the equivalent project in Shetland, which is 50%. If this is not achieved then there is a real danger that the opportunity provided in this manifesto will be lost to our islands.

"I am also reaching out to  Angus MacNeil to support me in this call. The SNP in the islands have been sitting on the fence and hedging their bets for too long on this issue and it is time they came down on the side of the communities."

(An earlier version of this release was published on this site yesterday evening but was subsequently withdrawn.)