Homes, workplaces and iconic landmarks will be going dark across the world for Earth Hour this Saturday, in the world’s biggest demonstration of support for action on climate change.

This year’s switch off event takes place at 8.30pm on Saturday 25 March.

Urging her constituents to join in, Highlands and Islands MSP Rhoda Grant commented:“Supporters of Earth Hour grow year on year and I’m more than happy to support it.

“I know some Highland landmarks will be taking part and hopefully the public will follow this lead.”

Lang Banks, director of WWF Scotland said: “Yet again Earth Hour is capturing the public’s imagination with thousands of people across the country gearing up to take part and show they care about our planet.  From church groups to classrooms full of children its important decision makers, politicians and business leaders are left in no doubt people care about the impacts of climate change and want action.

“With the Scottish Parliament currently considering a draft Climate Change Plan, it’s great to see so many MSPs signalling their support for strong action to cut climate emissions. The enthusiasm of the public and politicians should give the Scottish Government the confidence to push on to a low-carbon economy.”

Now in its tenth year, WWF’s Earth Hour continues to grow.  Last year 178 countries and took part.  

You can sign up for Earth Hour here