There is just one week left to get responses in to two linked consultations that the Comhairle is undertaking which look at the delivery of development and housing in the Outer Hebrides. Consultations on the Draft Local Housing Strategy (LHS) and Proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) are due to close on Friday 10th March.

Comments on these consultations are sought from all members of the community.

The draft Local Housing Strategy (LHS) sets out proposals for investment in housing and related services for the years 2017-2022. It recommends that the Comhairle develops the Strategy on the basis of four priorities – Housing Supply, Housing Quality, Homelessness, and Independent Living and suggests a range of potential actions which could help the local authority and its partners achieve the objectives.

The LHS is primarily linked to the LDP with regards to the proposed use of available land, which influences the location and nature of housing development. The Strategy documents are available online at

They comprise a summary of each of the proposed priority areas, some suggested actions to prompt discussion, and an online survey response form. Alternatively paper copies are available at all Comhairle offices and local libraries.          

The Proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) and associated documents forms the Comhairle’s approach to the development of land in the Outer Hebrides over the next twenty years The LDP’s main purpose is to set out the Policies the Comhairle will use for assessing planning applications. The Plan also confirms the principle of development on a number of sites proposed for housing, economic development, mixed use, environment and infrastructure use. The Plan documents are available online at

You can respond electronically to the consultation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Proposed Plan is also available in libraries, at council area offices and other community locations.

All sections of the community are welcome to view and comment on these Consultations with the aim of producing documents which belong to everyone.

 These consultations close on Friday 10th March.