Comhairle Leader, Cllr Angus Campbell, will host a Facebook question and answer session at 7pm on Tuesday 28th February on the Scottish Government’s Consultation on Crown Estate Proposals.

Questions must be submitted to the page by 7pm on the evening of the 28th and the Leader will answer as many of these questions as possible between 7pm and 8:30pm. Questions can be submitted on the Comhairle’s Facebook page.

Cllr Campbell, said: “Devolution of management of Crown Estate assets would go some way towards giving effect to the commitment to extend the powers of Islands Councils in the Programme for Government and supported so strongly in the Islands Bill consultation responses. The seabed around our islands is as much ours as the land on which we live.

"We have already seen examples of how community owned land across our islands has sustained and in some cases saved our fragile areas - this shows what can be done when control of assets is available to them. We believe - along with our neighbouring islands councils as part of the Our Islands Our Future initiative - that a pilot scheme should be implemented, with Crown Estate powers devolved to island local authorities on behalf of their communities and this could form a model for the full implementation of what the Smith Commission recommended.

“I would encourage all islanders to respond to the consultation and give a clear message that they want and expect these rights.”

The Scottish Government’s consultation on Crown Estate proposals ends on 29 March 2017 and can be accessed here