Na Saboteurs - BBC ALBA – Saturday 25 December 6.30 – 6.45pm  (Also Tuesday 27 December at 5.40pm)

Zoë Mustian, Daniel Macleod (top row) with Fiona Mackenzie, Michael Hines, Catriona Lexy Campbell

Teatime on Christmas Day has a very youthful Lewis flavour for viewers of BBC ALBA.

Na Saboteurs, a 15-minute film, is about two children, each with their own problems and both with plans to resolve them.

Magaidh, a 10-year-old girl, is unhappy at the prospect of her father, Pol, having the local teacher, Ms Lorna Dunlop, over for dinner.  They both miss her mother, but Pol has perhaps moved on a little more than his daughter.

Dean is her friend and is busy plucking up the courage to ask Magaidh if she would like to go to the local dance with him. Ignoring his nerves, he strides over to Magaidh’s house only to see her stomp out the front door, angry at her father.

Before he can ask the question, Ms Dunlop the local teacher, arrives on her bike, and Magaidh enlists the help of Dean in hatching several plots, aimed at ruining the date. The dog is the only one who enjoys the resulting chaos!

Dean is played by Daniel Macleod who lives in Point, Isle of Lewis in his first screen performance as is Magaidh, played by Zoë Mustian Atkinson, also from Point.

Lorna is played by Donna Morrison, star of Gaelic drama Bannan and Gaol@Gael and established star Artair Donald plays Pol.

Na Saboteurs is made by The Woven Thread, a company set up by Still Game director Michael Hines to make scripted comedies and dramas for MG ALBA.

Michael was executive producer on the film alongside a debut for Gaelic writer Catriona Lexy Campbell as a director and for Kirsty Hines-Mackay and Fiona Mackenzie as producers. The film was also part of the EBU Childrens’ Drama Series ‘Message in a Bottle’ (European Broadcast Union).

Na Saboteurs will be broadcast on BBC ALBA on Christmas Day at 6.30pm. It will be repeated on Tuesday 27 December at 5.40pm.